Quick Facts About NJSAR

  • Does Not Charge for Service.

  • Officially recognized as a state and county Emergency Management Resource.

  • Operates on public safety radio frequencies.

  • 45-55 unpaid professionals on-call 24 hours a day via pagers.

  • Trained for year-round day or night searches in almost any weather condition.

  • Members provide their own equipment and respond in their own vehicles.

  • Owns trailers to carry search and rescue equipment, technical rope rescue equipment, and to serve as an on-scene base or office.

  • Owns an extensive collection of detailed topographic and other maps of northern New Jersey and southern New York.

  • Has responded to searches in northern New Jersey, southern New York, and eastern Pennsylvania.

  • Provides mutual-aid to other SAR teams on prolonged or extensive searches.

  • Relies entirely on donations or grants for funding.

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